ICU explores a world where personal information is compromised. Photos, emails, videos, microphones and cameras are accessible from outside sources. Webcams, mobile phones, tablets, dashcams, video cameras, still cameras and surveillance cameras become an extended listening device infiltrating our personal spaces.

Increasingly connected our devices become an extension of self and the cloud an extension of our consciousness. What are the implications when this security is compromised?

The dials allow the user to tune in to different audio and video sources and blend 8 layers of video and sound into an abstracted cacophony of content. The mundane elements, small moments, the snippets, the personal are all accessible to the voyeur. Listen in on conversations, travel with dashcams, watch people in their everyday lives.

A video installation blending 8 layers of video (programmed in Max), laser cut plywood box, Livid Intruments Brain Jr MIDI controller, dials, rotary potentomiters, USB cable. Run time 2 hours on loop.